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ICEpodz Is The Most Effective Cooling Product on the Market.

Robert - It's the only product that I use to help manage the heat.

Rebecca - I've tried every cooling product available, and ICEpodz is the only one that helps with my 

   Hot Flashes.

Stacey - I use it for my migraines and can even fall asleep with it on.

I love them!

Peter - I bought one for myself and my wife and kids end up using it more than I do, so I ordered more.

John - I reach for my ICEpodz even when I'm out walking my dog. I'm so much more comfortable.

Michelle - I gave ICEpodz to my grandparents and now they enjoy summers so much more.

Now, we always keep

at least 3 in our freezer.

Sharon - the heat makes my MS (multiple sclerosis) symptoms so much worse. ICEpodz lets me do more of what I love.

Matt, Firefighter/EMT
Melanie, Personal Trainer

ICEpodz is the best wearable cooling product no matter what we're doing. It helps us manage the heat and humidity and keeps us safer while we do our jobs. 

lots of icepodz.jpg

Susan, Photographer

As a photographer, I'm always dealing with the heat.

ICEpodz-Sport is my 'go to' gear when shooting at sporting events.

Frontier employee.jpg

Gordon, Safety Supervisor

ICEpodz-FR helps me focus more on my job and less on the heat. Keeps my outdoor workers safer in the heat.

Great for dogs!.jpg

Luna, Mascott

Luna goes right to the freezer after her walks everyday. ICEpodz is her favorite way to cool off.

Ryan, Lacrosse Player

Our son loves his ICEpodz at all of his Lacrosse practices and games. We take them with us everywhere!

Modern Pentathlon

USA Rowing Teams using ICEpodz for their competitive advantage.

John - All the utility linemen in our company use them. They really help us stay safer in the heat and humidity.

Steven - I can't imagine using anything else when I do my yardwork.

Carol - My kids love using them when they're out playing sports - which is at least 3 times a week!

Robin - I never thought to put one on my dog. She's addicted!

Stephanie - Always have them in my freezer, so my husband and kids can use them anytime.

Renee - Menopause is difficult enough. ICEpodz really helps me feel better during my Hot Flashes.

Andy - Threw out my cooling towel when I discovered ICEpodz!

Suzanne - my husband and I are EMT's and when our 2 year old son came down with a fever in the middle of the night, we put ICEpodz under his armpits and his fever broke very quickly. It was a lifesafer!

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